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About Lisa

For the past decade, Lisa Greene, R.Ac Ryt, has been helping her patients overcome physical and emotional pain at Greenetea Acupuncture. Lisa began her journey into Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in beautiful Nelson BC. Since then, she’s built a thriving practice in South Surrey.


“Hi Lisa, Jason Wright was really helped by his one visit to you. I’ve wanted to write to you since then and I am sorry that I haven’t. His play on the basketball court dramatically improved. Thank you.”       ~ Jason’s Dad – Jim Wright
“I want to thank Lisa and her acupuncture treatments for allowing me to play golf for the last eight weeks without the constant pain and without having to take pain killers or muscle relaxants just to complete a round. Since my first session with Lisa I have gone ‘drug free’ on the golf course for the last two months. Considering what I was taking before, this is a major improvement. Now if she could just correct my putting.”       ~ Bill Ruby
“My hand has improved so much that I m able to work without pain, Thank you Lisa you always make me feel awesome!”       ~ N Hunter
“I’m so happy that I followed through with your advice and continued my appointments for fertility…I’m ecstatic to be pregnant!”       ~ S. Dhaliwal
“I’m surprised that my back has no more pain. Ive been in chronic pain for several years, my pain levels are finally manageable thanks to your treatments.”       ~ D Westbrook
“My confidence levels have surged after my facial rejuvenation series, I feel amazing and my husband tells me I look 5 years younger! Thank You Lisa….”       ~ D Hope

Acupuncture Only Minutes From Home
In Sunny South Surrey/White Rock.