Essential Oils and Acupuncture

“I deeply suspect that within the crypts of our unconscious mind Patchouli is ever the warm, sensuous, romantic fragrance that our great grandmothers so adored”

Peter Holmes.

Recently I ve noticed there to be alot of buzz going on with essential oils.  More and more home based companies are opening up with essential oils either as a core ingredient with a product or simply selling the oils on their own.  I love using essential oils and have for years.  They ve assisted me through many emotional melt downs, sickness, pain, cognition, comfort and even relaxation.  Clinical Aromatherapy is a method I use in my practice to enhance the health of the body and the mind, and to treat disorders of these should they arise.  The oils effect the human body physiologically , psychologically and of course topically.  They affect the bodies physiology as a stimulant or anti infective or relaxant.  When used topically it can help with outer layers of skin, by moisturizing, hydrating, or stimulating .  Many skin care lines incorporate essential oils in their products for this reason.  Finally they can work our psyche assisting in emotional and behavioural changes.

This only touches upon the therapeutic nature and value of oils.  Bodyworkers will use certain oils that are excellent for lymphatic drainage during a massage treatment.  Other oils have amazing analgesic effects and can be used for pain.  Its important to bear in mind however that although there are many healing qualities to oils the administrator should also be aware of caution or contraindications with those oils.  Many oils should NOT be applied neat to the skin as it can be quite irritating and in some cases reactionary.  Keep in mind as well another very important consideration.  If an oil is not 100% pure, it can smell as delicious as the real thing, but the fact is only the natural living plant extract carries the healing potential of that oil.  Synthetic ones have no healing value to you. 

When using oils in my clinic I have learned that certain oils (just like herbs) enter or move towards particular meridians in the body.  Therefore once I diagnose a patient I can match up an essential oil  for that patient that will assist in their unique circumstances in healing.

This is super empowering for the patient as it allows them to take part in their healing away from my clinic between their appointments.  The oils are either inhaled with a diffuser or applied to specified acupuncture points on that meridian. 

One oil I enjoy to use on my patients is Patchouli.  I think a large reason is the aroma is one of my favourite.  This oil however has a wide scope of therapy.  In a tincture form patchouli has strong regenerative actions and has a resolvent effect in adhesions. It s effective for the nervous system with mild sedative and pain relieving results.  Its suggested for lymphatic decongestant, helping with varicose veins and congestive pelvic conditions.

Its calming scent is perfect for nervous tension, anxiety and insomnia.  Peter Holmes says “In particular, Patchouli can confer stability and poise in challenging situations such as exams, interviews and confrontations where grounding and calm inner concentration are the basis for good performance.  It can reduce mental chatter worry and obsession, seducing the over controlling mind, into letting go, thereby helping dissolve hard attitude and routine emotional postures. “

Wow, who knew?

For skin care its fantastic for oily skin, and great for helping with wrinkles, scars, even cellulite.

In Chinese Medicine its said to Nourish the Yin  of the Heart and Kidney Meridian and calm the shen (mind)

This makes it perfect for all types of agitation, fatigue, insomnia.

It also strengthens the spleen meridian assisting with bloating diarrhea and nausea.

It also invigorates the blood to help with tired legs varicose veins and edema.

With all the choices you have out there for essential oils, find a brand that you like and that you know is 100% pure.  I love using the oils from Naturally Given.  Daniela Fisher is local in South Surrey and has created a beautiful Chakra oil kit.  My favourite is grounding which (this will not be a surprise) consists of Patchouli.  You can find more information on her web page.

If you are looking for single oils, or oils specific for meridian therapy I love Snow Lotus for that.  Peter Holmes the owner,  is a Medical herbalist and Chinese Medical Practitioner that created aroma acupoint therapy.

I ve had the pleasure to take several of his courses through the years. His teachings have given me a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the oils  we studied and the application of it through aroma acupoint therapy.

If you are using essential oils, use them wisely, know what they are specific for, and please know the contraindications of each, especially if you have any pre existing conditions.

If you would like to learn more you can visit my website and if you are interested in an aroma based acupuncture session don’t hesitate to give me a call.

In Health and healing

Lisa Greene. R.Ac Ryt

Greenetea Acupuncture