Spring Cleaning
This time of year we all get that urge to remove unwanted clutter and clear out the cobwebs of our house. Consider all we accumulate throughout the year, we run out of space and everything starts piling up one onto the other.
If you use the analogy of your body to your house consider what you have taken in. The wonderful feasts of the fall, the celebrations of the holiday seasons, and the indulgences of winter vacations. It’s not a coincidence that lent occurs when it does. It is generally at this time that people realize they need to make changes either spiritually, physically and/or dietary.
In Chinese Medicine the springtime is the best time of year to engage in a gentle detoxification and cleanse. Sometimes this can include subtle changes such as giving up sugar, or caffeine, and replacing it with warm lemon water. Other times a stronger cleanse is required. There are many good spring cleanses out on the market, the important thing is knowing yourself first. If you are on any medications or just had surgery you should consult with your primary care giver before doing a cleanse. Some cleanses require a very restricted diet and consequently the individual experiences headaches, fatigue, chilliness, muscle weakness,anger, even brain fog. This could be an indication that you are cleansing too quickly, and perhaps this plan is too rigorous. Consulting with your health care provider will help find one suitable for your needs.
Many times, unresolved emotional issues also surface. After all the cleanse releases toxins from every part of your anatomy. Toxic emotions and unresolved issues are one of the major causes of disease according to Chinese Medicine.
Releasing this will always benefit your overall health. Be prepared to have a journal and document your inner dialogue, its great therapy for the mind and soul. Support is always important.
There are plenty of wonderful food recommendations for the spring. These foods work well to dredge the liver organ which is the organ of this season. The liver is responsible for detoxifying and cleansing poisons which accumulate in our system which is why cleanses are so important.
Consider young plants, fresh greens, sprouts, lightly steamed vegetables. Incorporate pungent herbs like basil, fennel, rosemary, dill, and dandelion root, fruits such as avocado, dates, grapes, grapefruit, lemon limes, and tangerines.
One program I highly recommend both for its quality, effectiveness and gentleness is Heels Detoxification and Drainage kit. Very simple to use, with minimal side effects, and focuses on the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. You can check their website for more information.
Happy Springtime