It s here! Its effective! and its your solution  to get the benefits of acupuncture at home without the use of needles.

Its called  AcuPatching ™

Light therapy patching is used on acupuncture points ,it combines the power of acupuncture point stimulation with the benefits of light therapy.

Many of you know I use a form of light therapy already in my clinic with the Celluma.

Light therapy is a proven therapy and has been around for hundreds of years and is very well researched.

In the last 20 years a company called lifewaves developed a new technology that has allowed us to harness light therapy in a new and different way.

The patches trap infrared heat and light from our own body and they reflect back a very specific wave length of light that  initiates biochemical changes in our body.

Much like when you go outside and sunlight touches our skin, it signals our body to initiate the production of vitamin D.

The infrared light emitted by your body hits the crystalline structures in the patch to activate the specific wavelengths of light to be reflected back in to the body. When combined with the appropriate acupuncture point your results can be just as effective as Acupuncture!

Light induced biochemical changes of photobiomodulation is well documented in scientific literature.  For photobiomodulation with the patches the changes are real and measurable  in blood and urine tests.

Each patch has a different wavelength to initiate a different biochemical change in the body.

There are 11 different patches  some for energy levels ,some for sleep, one to reduce cravings, stress, one to increase glutathione and one that activates and mobilizes the body’s own stem cells! You ll want to know more about this one as it can reset over 4000 of our genes.

You ll need to make sure you are well hydrated, and as well taking magnesium to help the effectiveness of the patches.

I want to learn more!  Of course you do, so did I.  I have known about this technology for the past 3 years, but I needed more data before I recommended it to my patients.  Our AcuPatchTM  community consists of a global group of acupuncturists that continually support each other through case studies, education and recommendations, all to help you and your loved ones to achieve optimal health.

I love learning more of the nerdy science of it all but to keep it simple here s a list of what our patches can do for YOU!

Detoxification issues


Cognitive dysfunction (those who have suffered concussions)

Vaccine recipients

Hormonal issues such as menopause, period disruptions.

Inflammation, or as we now term, inflamaging

Sleep disruptions


Weight loss

Digestive issues

Wrinkles…yes I did say that we have a patch to assist with collagen and skin health! And my patients know how seriously I take that with my cosmetic acupuncture and skincare clinic!

Just like acupuncture this is a therapy that can require a few patches over a period of time to assist with your best health.

What I m seeing in my clinic is when patients use these patches between appointments their healing benefits have lasted longer and sadly…I see them less. Sounds like I m putting my acupuncture clinic out of business!  But my concern is YOU.

Take a peek at all the patches we have to offer.


Ok Lisa they sound amazing how can I try them?

There are a few ways that you can get the patches.  Starting October I will have them available to you at a retail cost in my clinic.

If you want to get the same price that I do you can easily get them wholesale which will save you between $20.00-50.00 dollars  (USD) off each set of 30, that can last you at least 2 months or longer.  There is a one time charge of $25.00 and you are set



We also have an exclusive *Preferred customer patching special.  This is great for those that know they will want to try several patches over the course of a few months.  Any chronic condition or anyone that wants to improve their long term health will totally benefit from this.  Why?  Because each month you are enrolled in a preferred customer program you receive free patches to work on any other issues that may be ailing you or a loved one. *min orders one patch a month for 6 months to receive free products worth over 300.00usd

As a preferred customer your first order will have a 90 day no questions ask full money back guarantee.  This is so important for me to pass on to my patients because I know we all have limited resources.  So I want to make sure each experience is your best.

If you need help setting this up don t be afraid to reach out.  My patients will appreciate assistance with their patch placements at their appointments.  Not a patient but you would love more guidance?  I will be offering a 45 min telehealth session for those who would love a tcm diagnosis to find the best patch protocol for you!

The past five  months I ve had my head to the grindstone learning as much as I can about how these patches can help you along your personal health journey. I am here for you, to help guide you with  my 17 years of acupuncture experience. I will help you set up your personal patch plan that is easy and effective.  So easy just put them on and go about your day!

We are always learning and evolving and the best way I can think of to help my patients and friends is to stay on top of the research!

In love and health!

Lisa Greene. R. Ac Ryt

Greenetea Acupuncture

Always  use the number 1340120 when ordering to ensure   that I can help you with all your questions to allow you your best outcomes!