Over the weekend I spent some time with my 10 year old daughter taking in Occupy Vancouver. Mostly out of curiosity I found it to be a gentle “protest” with passionate speakers. People like you and me, wanting change for a better world. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, The Occupy Vancouver Website explains it best. It reads………….
The Ninety-Nine Percent, come together with our diverse experiences to transform the unequal, unfair, and growing disparity in the distribution of power and wealth in our city and around the globe. We challenge corporate greed, corruption, and the collusion between corporate power and government. We oppose systemic inequality, militarization, environmental destruction, and the erosion of civil liberties and human rights. We seek economic security, genuine equality, and the protection of the environment for all.

We are committed to an inclusive and welcoming space, to addressing issues of oppression and discrimination, and to creating an environment where all the 99% can be heard and can meaningfully participate. We are also committed to safeguarding our collective well-being – including safety from interpersonal violence and any potential police violence.”

I feel demonstrations of this nature are important. It doesn’t mean I agree with it all, but it brings with it awareness to issues that we may sometimes conveniently overlook. If it doesn’t extend into our own worldview, often we don t pay attention. That is until it ricochets into our own backyards.
A gentle more loving world is the primary goal, yet is it attainable? Confucius says “ Lead them by political maneuvers, restrain them with punishments: the people will become cunning and shameless. Lead them by virtue, restrain them with ritual: they will develop a sense of shame and a sense of participation.” Seems we’ve travelled this road before, and 4000 years later here we are again.
Not to sound cliché, but real change does have to start from within. Sometimes we need the catalyst of a demonstration to bring the awareness back to ourselves. In self- reflection we are able to recognize our own internal struggles that prevent us moving forward to a happy peaceful life. Making decisions moment to moment based on love instead of fear is a small step towards powerful changes, yet extremely difficult to do.
Basing decisions on love instead of fear, has an immediate impact on your day to day life. Try it for 21 days and you ll notice a difference with your internal dialogue as well as how you communicate with the world around you. Now maybe you happen to be a person of persuasion in politics, health care, federal government, or Corporate Canada. Or Maybe you are the volunteer in an addictions clinic, soup kitchen, or Spca. When it comes down to it if we want change in the world, we start with change in ourselves.