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Greetings from Greenetea Acupuncture your award winning clinic in the South Surrey White Rock Area.

Thought I would touch upon a subject that I love to engage in.  Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture and Products.

I have done this procedure for over 15 years, and love the way it slows down the clock and provides a sense of power and joy for my patients that experience it. I have studied under 4 different facial acupuncture masters, and in two weeks will be adding a 5th as I do another 40 hr course.  What is really exciting to me is I will delve even deeper into the fascination of the skin layers, and  the uniqueness which individualizes us.

Recently I acquired a skin care line to offer all my patients.  Some of you may know that I m now a consultant for Rodan and Fields.  The decision to choose  this as a company was a long thoughtful process.  There was three criteria that was extremely important to me.  It had to be safe, it had to be effective, and it had to be well researched.

I have always enjoyed using quality skincare, some lines organic, and some not.  Lets face it skincare is expensive and if I m going to pay for a product which promises change I want results!

When I choose Rodan and Fields for my patients, I choose the line represented by two Dr.s Each with 25 years experience.  As I m in the healthcare profession as well, I respect the integrity and education that goes into their formulations.   We must consider they are Drs first, and as such we in the business have an oath to swear by to our patients to “do no harm” This same oath is what guided them through the process of developing their brand using the right ingredients at the right time.

There are some questions regarding ingredients, why as they are not all natural and why the use of certain substances such as parabens. When the Dr s were asked that this was their response.

“ To address that parabens,   are a broad class of preservatives used in food, medicine and consumer goods to prevent microbial contamination and product deterioration.  The may be found naturally in the fruits and vegetables that we eat and may be created synthetically.  In recent years, preservatives constantly faced negative press of alleged  health risks such as allergies or endocrine disruption.  But the truth is-preservatives are essential in cosmetics used to prevent bacterial growth, to  maintain quality and to prolong shelf-life.  Microbial contamination may occur at various times during the life of a product, from manufacturing to repeated consumer use.  Hence, the use of preservative.  Effective preservative systems will kill off unsuspecting contaminants. Without preservatives, cosmetic good could expose consumers to potentially harmful mold, bacteria and fungi. In extreme cases, microbial contamination may lead to serious health risks such as staph infections and immune system deficiencies resulting in hospitalization.  Parabens are shown to be safe and effective by decades of research and governmental agencies across the world.”

Again, do no harm.

There is full transparency with the ingredients that Rodan and Fields uses .  Still, there were other questioning ingredients that nay sayers are quick to criticize.   As someone who has studied herbology for 4 years, one of the first things we learn is how the herb interacts within the body.  Is it hot, cold, neutral, sweet, sour tonifying, dispersing, well you get the picture.  Its also true that herbs work best when they are combined with other herbs.  Synergistically it becomes more powerful while at the same time, a combination can de activate a harmful component of an herb if its used by itself.

This is called mutual accentuation and mutual counteraction.  For example in the herbal world if I mix an herb called ban xia…its toxicity is reduced by the addition of sheng jiang, aka ginger.

Its the same when any other formulas are combined, to create, in this case skincare lines.  This is what the Dr s call multi med therapy.  Using the right ingredients with the right products at the right time.

This is why it is so important to use a product that has been created by professionals, that have done thorough testing.  They also realize that not every product can be used by everyone, which is why they have a 60 day money back empty bottle guarantee.  I dont know many companies that stand behind their product that much that they will refund you if you are not completely satisfied.

I fully endorse this product, the company the research and best of all the results!

If you would like to know more about Rodan and Fields products I m available to discuss any or all products with you.

Until next time

A Ta Sante!

Lisa Greene R.Ac Ryt

Greenetea Acupuncture