Welcome to Fall.

One of my favorite seasons, as it lends itself to the transformation it prepares for. To indulge in the seasons is as simple as accepting the changes going on outside and incorporating that to your lifestyle. The goodness of fall and the abundance it provides is easy to enjoy. We witness natures preparation as the leaves turn color and the energy of the trees draws inward away from the branches to protect the integrity of the tree during the cold wet weather. Squirrels gather their winter feasts bears feed in order to sustain themselves during hibernation. They spend several weeks to reach a state of dormancy during which their metabolic rate and body temperature drop several degrees below normal, All to prepare for the seasons.
We are about to hit the peak of fall energy, and within a month it will enter into our bodies changing our metabolism significantly.
Preparing foods according to the season and retiring earlier will assist us with this transition. Not only will it benefit our digestion but will also help keep our immune system stronger to ward off illness.
Some beneficial foods include:carrots, cauliflower, cinnamon, figs, garlic, ginger, horseradish, leeks, apples bananas beets almonds, seeds pears pumpkins, red cabbage, Spinach Yams, rosemary, plums, persimmons. Transition from cool salads to warmer soups, particularly root based soups.

The fall is also a time where the flu season begins, and colds are ubiquitous. To assist your immunity I recommend a formula called” Strest “. It s an adaptagen formula which includes Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Ashwaganda, Eleuthero, Milky Oat Seed and Schisandra. Adaptagens assist the body to “adapt” to changes and stress. Many of my patients use this formula during peak transition times such as fall, Christmas, spring and vacations. An ounce of prevention gives some protection against virilent pathogens. In the unfortunate event you do feel illness approaching, there are also many great remedies to help ward off those colds and flues.
Formulas such as Yin Qiao, and “Windbreaker” or “Echinaseal” are safe and effective Ask your Acupuncturist about these products and how to use them safely.
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicines premise is to prevent the disease before it arises. Regular acupuncture appointments at this time of year are very effective for maintaining good health.

Enjoy, nourish,settle, and prepare, for the wonderful changes that fall will bring.
Lisa Greene, R.Ac Traditional Chinese Medicine