A short blog to welcome in the new year  and ask, what are you doing to assist your immune system this year?
In March of 2014 CBC s “Quirks And Quarks” featured Dr Bob Hancock, Professor and Canada research Chair in Microbiology at the University of British Columbia. He was asked whether he thought antibiotics would eventually become useless against bacteria. His reply “unless something changes,” it is inevitable. Wow, “unless something changes”, is not very reassuring.
Thus it is even more important for individuals to take charge of their immunity and create or continue healthy habits. Hand washing remains very important for infection control, as does getting enough sleep and exercise. Food choices and diet is immensely important. If an individual has any food intolerances, or true allergies, their ability to derive the nutrients from such foods is severely diminished. Also this increases the susceptibility to prolonged bouts of indigestion, headaches perhaps migraines and or body aches. Over time this can further compromise ones system until the time that the suspect food has been identified and eliminated.

Acupuncture can help strengthen the immune system as well as eliminate any pathogenic influences (colds, flues etc) that may exist within the body. The careful selection of points from your acupuncturist allows your body to maintain homeostasis, and stay well!
In early Chinese Dynasty times, the Chinese Medical Practitioner serving the Emperor had a full time job to keep the Emperor healthy. Consequences were grim for the Sage, should the Emperor fall ill.  Banishment or even death were the consequences.
Needless to say he was invested in doing a good job.
Tinctures and herbs are another great way to promote health. St Francis Herb Farm carries a tincture called “Deep Immune” A Qi tonic which restores normal adrenal functions, improves stamina, overcomes fatigue and helps the body cope with stress, overwork and chronic illness. It is easy to take and is a wonderful tonic which consists of Astragalus, codonopsis, eleuthero, reishi mushroom ligustrum schisandra white atractylodes and locorice.

Try incorporating some or all of these small practices to your day to day life and enjoy the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings.