It s here, a brand new freash squeaky clean year. Have you made a resoultion? Are you a person that does not make resolutions? What are your feelings of a new year, do you recognize it? Embrace it? Challange it? Disregard it?
January can typically be a tough month its darker, wetter, colder. The merriment of the season just passed seems to have dissolved into fatigue, perhaps bitterness, and of course empty pockets!
I am a resolution person, in fact I make them all the time, not just Jan 1. Its not that I don t accept who or what I am, but rather to check in with where I am. Its always different sometimes challenging,…taking on more responsiblity sometimes they are to be less of things. Less busy, less stress, less angst…..mostly to see if I m still a contributing member of things more positive in life. Thats important to me.
January 1….is just a day. Simply perhaps the beginning of a momentum and that s ok. Keep in mind change or transformation, takes time. Expectations, lead us to change, however, realistic goals keep those changes grounded and permanent. Accepting what you can and cannot change is also very important.
The seasons transform from one to another slowly, and approximately three months later you find your winter is now spring. Living according to the seasons will help you to attain goals, working with the cycle of nature not against it. For example take some time and walk through nature presently you see that the trees are bare, cold. Keep in mind that is a cycle, and all people go through cycles and we as well are feeling this way .Perhaps that s why we tend to “snap” at strangers more at this time of year, or honk your horn, become more easily annoyed. How does one expect to make positive long lasting resolutions or changes when our “Yang qi”(warming energy) tank is being challanged. I saw it this morning. I like to do spin classes at the gym, makes me feel good and keeps me energized. As I went to the counter to check in the lady behind the desk looked up at me, welcomed me and was about to provide me with one of the coveted bike passes. A lovely lady standing beside me began to yell at me, saying she was waiting there for a pass and I totally cut infront of her. I was completely taken by suprise as it had appeared by the actions of the woman helping me, that she as well had been taken care of. Of course I apologized and let her do what she needed. Now this is the irony of goal setting. Its that stark comment which is unfortunately a reality of winter energy in individuals who are not perserving their yang qi. The very thing she is going to the gym for, energy feeling good exercise…has allowed her to be angry defensive and counterproductive. So how do we preserve this precious energy in order to achieve our goals?
The Ling Shu says
“The three months of winter are a season of hiding. The water is frozen, the earth is full of cracks from freezing. ONe should keep their Yang qi intact. Retire early and stay in bed until the sun rises. Hide deep in the mind as if cherising personal affairs and keeping them to oneself, as if something were to be gained. Avoid cold and seek warmth, avoid too much persperation, in order to avoid exhaustion of yang qi. This is the way to perserve yang in the winter. Disobey and you will injure the kidneys and spring will suffer you with cold limbs due to a faliure of storage of qi.”
Now that does not mean don t exercise…its just in January people trying to keep their resolutions, tend to overdo it working against themselves. Moderation is the key and choosing to listen to your bodies needs.

Abiding by these guidelines helps us to live in accordance with nature and allow us to attain personal goals. Whether that be to quit a bad habit, to become more fit, or even to change our diet. If weight loss is important to you than eating foods appropriate to winter will be very helpful. Salty and bitter foods, such as miso seaweeds, millet and barley. Warm hearty soups and nuts.
Patience with oneself as well as forgiveness and of course perseverance, will help you realize the goals you set out for 2012 or for your own personal lifelong goals to fufill more of a peaceful enjoyable life.

Im sure you are all familiar with this timeless piece of advice.
“Prevent trouble before it arises. Put things in order before they exist. The giant pine tree grows from a tiny sprout. The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet. _Tao Te Ching.

Welcome to 2012! Happy New Year.