Jamu is a traditional health tonic which is enjoyed the world over.  In North America we know it as Goldyn tonic, or if coconut milk is added golden mylk.   I had the experience to learn from a Balinese herbalist who works at the Udara Resort and creates all the fantastic vegetarian meals here. This tonic is enjoyed for creating better gastrointestinal health, thereby boosting the immunity.  It’s recommended to sip 2x per day, once in the morning on an empty  tummy and again in the pm after lunch before dinner.

Here s what you ll need

100g of turmeric

30g ginger

-100 g of tamarind,

Pinch of pepper                                              

If you like some fresh coconut palm sugar, (Optional)

To this add 400 ml of water., if you don t like it too strong add up to 800 ml

To begin

Scrub the ingredients then pour hot water over them to remove dirt and to purify before you peel.

Chop into small pieces

Add the first three ingredients and the water.  Blend, then boil the concoction, as soon as its boiled take off the heat.

Add the tamarind

Add black pepper at the end to boost the benefits of turmeric.  If you d like an added boost you can add virgin coconut oil

This creates 2-3 delicious mug fulls

In Chinese medicine we feel you benefit from all of the 5 flavours.

This is why we add the coconut fresh palm sugar to enhance that experience

Sweet:  sugar

Sour:  tamarind

Bitter: temulawak

Spicy: ginger

Pungent: turmeric

So many health benefits

The Turmeric has natural anti inflammatory properties and high in  antioxidants.

Ginger’s  great for the digestive system, and to decrease bloating

Temulawak or Japanese ginger is similar to turmeric and   is an amazing blood and liver cleanser. 

Tamarind helps lower blood cholesterol, its similar to lime in what it does but there is more fibre and more gastrointestinal friendly, plus I l love the delicate sour taste

Palm sugar for fibre and extra energy

Have some lemon grass?  You can add at the end as well.

If you can find it , you may add pandanus, an aromatic.  Its great for body oil aromatherapy and cooking (its also used in the offerings) This helps to cleanse your body spirit and mind.

Serve slightly warmed, and enjoy!