This delicate use of acupuncture and skin care essentials is arranged in a sequence that develops collagen and stimulates the rejuvenation processes. While your skin is reacting to the subtle stimulation, the treatment is also adjusting energy throughout your entire body. Each treatment is 75 minutes long and is part of a series of treatments. Some people may require only 8 treatments others may have a need for more up to 12 treatments depending on the condition of the skin.

The initial treatment includes a full traditional Chinese medical evaluation to ascertain the patient’s personal disharmonies. Next, body points are used to address those patterns unique to the patient. Once the body points are in, the face is prepared. Products will be used to help remove any surface debris using a gentle cleanser. This is followed by gentle facial cupping to assist with lymphatic drainage. If specified, essential oils are applied to appropriate meridian points. The facial needles are then placed using both a combination of intradermals and facial needles.

Once the needles are in place the patient has the option to include the Celluma led light therapy to assist in the microcirculation of the tissue and enhanced collagen production. When the treatment is completed the needles are removed and if applicable antiaging serums are added to the face accompanied by either a jade rolling or facial gua sha treatment. When the treatment is completed the addition of moisturizers and/or facial sunscreen will be added. Changes may be seen as soon as the first treatment is completed, but each succeeding treatment builds on the last.

The program is safe, effective and brings with it none of the great expense, adverse effects, or toxicity of more invasive approaches that involve drugs or surgery. Having a seasoned professional provide the procedure is of utmost importance. At Greenetea Acupuncture, Lisa Greene R.Ac Ryt has studied under four different masters of Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture in order to provide the best technique for her patients. Her most recent intensive AcuRegen Facial cosmetic course June 2018, included micro needling, as well as utilizing Derma pens and the Skin Pen.

Greenetea Pricing:

Initial Visit And Consultation: $110.00 80 min
Subsequent Visits: $90.00 60 min
Hot Cupping Or Myofascial Decompression: $85.00 45 min
Hot Cupping Or Myofascial Decompression With Acupuncture: $100.00 60 min
Chinese Meridian Face Reading Charts (can be done anytime after initial visit): $65.00
Children’s Acupuncture: $75.00 45min
Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Initial Visit: $125.00 90 min
Subsequent Visits: $110.00 75 min

Packages For Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a therapy that works best in a series of treatments. Each treatment builds on the previous. Consider it this way. You are working out at the gym to build and define muscles. In a consistent practice you should notice more defined muscles in about 12 weeks. Acupuncture and healing the body from the inside is the same. Results can take some time depending on the purpose for your visit.

At Greenetea Acupuncture we know this and want to help you get to your very best, that’s why we are offering four unique packages.

The Radiant Beauty Facial Acupuncture Package

Purchase a series of 8 for a total of $840.00

Add Celluma led light therapy     $1040.00

A savings of $40.00

The Radiant Beauty Facial Acupuncture Package

Purchase a *series of 4 for a total of $420.00

Add Celluma led light therapy $520.00

A savings of $20.00

The Acute Care Package

For newer injuries and /or health conditions.

Purchase 4 appointments for a total of $340.00

A savings of $20.00

The Lifestyle Package

For those who have a chronic condition or would like to enhance your overall health and immune system.

Purchase 6 appointments for a total of $510.00

A savings of $30.00

Note: These packages do not include the Celluma led light therapy which is an additional $25.00 Per treatment.
*Series of 4 are only offered to add onto your 8 should you require more, and for previous patients who are using this series as a top up.

The fine print:

  • Treatments must be paid in full at the time of purchasing the packages
  • Packages are non transferable
  • Best results are done with regular weekly or bi weekly appointments
  • Packages can be purchased after an Initial visit and consultation

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