Acupuncture Pricing

New Patient Acupuncture appointment  $125.00 70 -75 min
Follow up appointments (package pricing from $110 – see below) $115.00 60 min
Hot Cupping / Myofascial Decompression – no needles $75.00 40 min
Telehealth $75.00 40 min

Acupuncture Packages

Acupuncture is a therapy that works best in a series of treatments. Each treatment builds on the previous. Consider it this way. You are working out at the gym to build and define muscles. In a consistent practice you should notice more defined muscles in about 12 weeks. Acupuncture and healing the body from the inside is the same. Results can take some time depending on the purpose for your visit.

At Greenetea Acupuncture we know this and want to help you get to your very best, that’s why we are offering two unique packages.

Package of 4 treatments  $445.00 Save $15
Package of 6 treatments  $660.00 Save $30
($110 per session)

All packages can be purchased after your initial visit.

Your acupuncture treatments may include (at no additional cost):

  • cupping therapy
  • auricular therapy
  • earseeds
  • moxibustion
  • guasha therapy

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture without Celluma $150.00 70 min.
Follow up Facial Acupuncture w/ Celluma (package pricing from $153 – below) $160.00
New Patient First Treatment Facial Acupuncture with Celluma $180.00 75-90 min.
Package of 4 with Celluma $620.00 save $20
Package of 6 with Celluma $920.00 save $40
($153 per session)
ALL TREATMENTS are 70 minutes of pure bliss!

Facial Cupping / Gua Sha (no needles)

New Patient first visit Facial Cupping / Gua Sha with Celluma $130.00 70 min.
Facial Cupping / Gua Sha with Celluma follow up $115.00 60 min.

Celluma Light Therapy

Single treatment $45.00 30 min.
Package of 8 $335.00 save $25
Add on to any acupuncture treatment $25.00

And as always, we do not accept any tips!

Something that is costing more and more on top or your treatments is not necessary. As a health care professional I want to ensure that you have your best experience. 

Acupuncture Only Minutes From Home
In Sunny South Surrey/White Rock.