An Ipsos Reid study confirmed that Mental health costs the Canadian employers $51 billion dollars a year. Psychological damage at work feeling unappreciated/unrecognized in your job unreasonable employer demands, and the clincher, balancing family life and schedules with your work hours. Recently the teachers strike created several difficult situations for families with young school aged kids.
I saw the consequences myself with my friends, patients and colleagues. Many had to take time off work, use holiday time, or sick leave as they were unable to find care for the children on short notice. More stress, more anxiety.
Our body can handle certain amounts of stress but as it cumulates we begin to see its effects.
Palpitations, unexplained sweating, headaches, bruxism, insomnia, ulcers, anger issues,gynaecological complications, eczema, digestion problems, depression.
These signs are your bodies way of telling you it s time to make some changes.
In my practice I treat all of these stress related “dis eases”. Depending on how long you ve been suffering from a condition will determine the amount of treatments you need.
One just has to goggle “Acupuncture and Stress” to see the many studies that show how effective acupuncture is. Often times my patients come in with one or more stress related complaints and comment that their hip pain is also better. Or they mention that they came in for headaches but notice their digestion is also better.
Acupuncture works! Its time for you to be proactive with your health concerns and feel great again. The philosophy is simple. “Prevent trouble before it arises. Put things in order before they exist. The giant pine tree grows fro a tiny sprout. The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.” -Tao Te Ching