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TeleHealth is safe platform to field the many questions as well as offer some diagnostic solutions to you the patient in the comfort of your own home.

So what can an Acupuncturist help with via Telehealth?

I’m glad you asked. As a seasoned health care practitioner I have expertise in several areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Let’s start with the obvious.


Just like Acupuncture we can combine several points on the body to assist with healing. Using the breath we are able to address certain points in the body either to tonify or drain the energies that are causing disharmony. The patient will be diagnosed and self treated using acupressure techniques.


I have studied with Dr Peter Holmes using clinical aromatherapy. “Clinical aromatherapy is the use of natural and high quality plant essential oils to enhance the health of the body and mind, and to treat disorders of these should they arise.

It aims first to enhance and balance the individual constitution and thereby prevent the development of disease.

Essential oils have an affinity for particular meridians. For example for the Lung Meridian the oils of Eucalyptus, rosemary, fennel, cypress, tea tree and niaouli are very effective. Learning the Acupoint location application of these oils can help you with conditions associated with the lungs. Both with physical and mental emotional aspects. Problems pessimism, depression, mental fogginess, grief, disconnection, acute viral and bacterial respiratory infections.

To some of these conditions we would include or combine, Sage, marjoram, even Laurel. Each meridian carries its own healing energies for the entire systems of the body. The above is just an example of one of the systems.

In Ayurvedic medicine, we can use essential oils applications to the three doshas. For example a Pitta in deficiency results in cold conditions (abdominal bloating, cold hands and feet) that would require oils such as clove bud ginger and cinnamon.

Once the patients condition is diagnosed I can assist you with your oil selection and demonstrate where you would apply and how often to get your therapeutic dose.


Auricular therapy otherwise known as ear acupuncture or ear acupressure is extremely effective. Auricular therapy can be used to diagnose as well as treat a condition. There are some very experienced practitioners that only treat the ear, and do so only with ear seeds.The ear is considered the most detailed microsystem in the entire body. It tells the story of what is
happening in detail in the brain. We use the ear to treat the brain and the central nervous system directly. Auricular therapy is effective for,

Pain, insomnia, hot flashes, headaches, tmj, dizziness, chest pain, stress, low blow pressure, menopause, to name a few. The patient will be diagnosed then give proper locations of where to apply the seeds to the ear. Ear seeds can be ordered online via a link sent out to you.


As a yoga instructor I have developed my own meridian infusion yoga. This therapy combines yoga poses with meridians in order to combat and assist with both physical and emotional issues.Typically a series of just 4 poses done via yin yoga will be demonstrated via a video and sent to the patient.

Poses to assist with Insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, pain, decision fatigue, grief , fatigue, are just a small example of what we can help.

I have taught many workshops for meridian infusion yoga, and students enjoy the benefits for days after.


Did you know I did my thesis in tongue diagnostics? Yup we can tell many things from the tongue that along with other internal symptoms may help provide a clearer diagnosis for the patient. For example the body color is the single most important aspect of observation, and almost always reflects the true condition of the body. For example a pale tongue could indicate cold conditions and blood deficiency. A very dark red tongue would indicate heat conditions that could look like, hot flashes, insomnia anxiety and or emotional upset.


Many of my facial acupuncture patients want to include this to their daily regime. You can check out my free tutorials on this topic and how this will benefit your skin.


Wether you want to boost your immunity or need some help with digestive issues, pain, gynaecological issues etc we can help you get on track with the proper supplementation.

Telehealth sessions are 45 mins long and $75.00. Payment can be made via bank interac before the session begins. You can request a link via text to book your appointment.

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