What People Are Saying

Hi Lisa,

Jason Wright was really helped by his one visit to you. I’ve wanted to write to you since then and I am sorry that I haven’t. His play on the basketball court dramatically improved.

Thank you,

~ Jason’s Dad – Jim Wright

I want to thank Lisa and her acupuncture treatments for allowing me to play golf for the last eight weeks without the constant pain and without having to take pain killers or muscle relaxants just to complete a round. Since my first session with Lisa I have gone ‘drug free’ on the golf course for the last two months. Considering what I was taking before, this is a major improvement. Now if she could just correct my putting.

~ Bill Ruby

I came to see Lisa for facial cosmetic acupuncture. I m 57 years old and have noticeable lines and wrinkles due to extreme sun damage (I was a sun worshipper) She was honest in her approach and let me know right away, that there will definetly be results, they just may not be specific to my crows feet or my lines around my mouth.

I went through the entire protocol and am excited to say that not only have the lines and wrinkles on my face diminished, I no longer have my afternoon nagging headaches and my digestion has entirely improved. I love how I feel after the treatments, I feel empowered and on top of the world. The treatments have given me a renewed sense of myself and more self confidence.

I was very grateful for her expertise in the field and gentle touch, I will recommend Lisa (and have) to all my friends.


~ B. Singh, Delta

linnea2My patient started her treatments at the end of Sept 09 seeking treatment for assistance in fertility. She had one daughter but was having difficulty conceiving her second after 2 years.

We made some dietary changes to assist her digestion and began an acupuncture only protocol for once a week for 6-8 weeks. After the second week she informed me that she was going to try in vitro starting the end of October. She was wanting to use the acupuncture to assist her body for preparation of the procedure. I informed her that if we stayed with our protocol she may not need the in vitro and the acupuncture would assist her body to fall into its own rhythm and she could conceive naturally.

We continued with her appts, and on the 03 of November 6 weeks after her first treatment I noticed a change in her pulse. Her Invitro was to start on the 07 of November and I urged her to wait…something had changed. Three days later she was able to take a pregnancy test and had it come back confirmed! We continued with treatments throughout her pregnancy and last July gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Welcome Baby Linnea!

Another successful appointment my arm and shoulder feel great after your treatment. I’m good as new!

~ S.Ruby

My hand has improved so much that I m able to work without pain, Thank you Lisa you always make me feel awesome!

~ N Hunter

I’m so happy that I followed through with your advice and continued my appointments for fertility…I’m ecstatic to be pregnant!

~ S. Dhaliwal

I’m surprised that my back has no more pain. Ive been in chronic pain for several years, my pain levels are finally manageable thanks to your treatments.

~ D Westbrook.

My confidence levels have surged after my facial rejuvenation series, I feel amazing and my husband tells me I look 5 years younger! Thank You Lisa….

~ D Hope

You have no idea how much I appreciate you, Your compassion and caring towards my illness has given me the courage to continue my battles with renewed strength. Thank you thank you thank you.

~ K. Eaton

After 9 months of sleepless nights I m finally able to sleep at least 6 hours. Your treatments are the reason I m having great days again! Thanks.

~ N. Scott

Lisa has given me care that goes beyond acupuncture treatments. She has been nurturing, caring and given me a renewed sense of hope for my health. I have been suffering with thyroid, digestion problems and other ailments. My busy life as a childcare centre owner, grandmother and mother of four adult children, I was really starting to feel my age and fatigue was setting in. I began to have a negative outlook on my health and the doctor was constantly sending me for blood tests with inconclusive results. I started my treatments with Lisa after being recommended by a friend. I can honestly say that it has been the best decision, I feel like I have taken ownership over my health. Lisa’s calm, serene and encouraging demeanour has me looking forward to my appointments and in a short span of four weeks I feel my body is changing and I have more control over my health.

Not only is Lisa talented at what she does, she truly is inspiring and has had such a positive influence on my life.

Thank you,

~ R.Bholla, Surrey

I started my health journey with Lisa 3 months ago, I am calling it a health journey because it is truly how Lisa maps it out. Our destination is to get me to feel at my optimal best. Her acupuncture treatments leave me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and my spirit feels renewed. Lisa has given me a variety of herbs to aid in my health goals and I feel balanced and full of energy. Lisa’s aura and personality are so comforting, positive and inviting and after my treatments I feel uplifted and energized. My family members have noticed an immense difference in my health. I am so proud of my results. Lisa is not only talented at what she does, but truly puts you on the path to realizing your best version of you. Thank you, Lisa!

~ Tina, Surrey

Lisa is an amazing practitioner. She is a wealth of knowledge and information on heath and the body. Her presence is so caring and calming. She has helped rid my body of many aches and pains that other alternative therapies were not able to. She has an amazing gift and I am so grateful to have found her!

~ Jennifer D

Can I just give a shout-out my amazing acupuncturist Lisa Greene? I went for 7 treatments elsewhere with no success and after 2 visits with Lisa I am seeing some improvement already. But the most amazing part was a new injury that she seems to have cured with 1 treatment. Embarrassing story, but Hubby had to do the Heimlich on me 10 days ago, which left me with either bruised or cracked ribs (not as bad as it sounds when the alternative is worse.) I told Lisa about it today and she put a needle in the opposite arm and the pain instantly went away!!!

~ Cheryl Scremin

Hello everyone, I have had 2 sessions with Lisa and WOW what an amazing experience. The day of my first session I was very relaxed, the next day I felt very energetic and clear minded, a positive feeling, I haven’t felt this way in maybe 5 years. This gave me hope that I was on my way to recovering from years of fatigue. My next session was a powerful release of emotions. Release of much grief and sadness. I haven’t cried like this in many years, the kind of cry that is very nose blowing if you know what I mean. I went back to work with being mindful/careful of my surrounding, knowing I wanted to be kind to myself after all the emotional release. The days following I have felt more peaceful with myself, this allowed me to have a peace with my everyday interactions with my work and everything that I do. Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart. Your a beautiful soul Lisa.

~ Rita Backus

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