What does it mean to love someone with your whole heart?

If  you do then who get gets it? When we have  so many people in our lives to love…children..Parents, spouse friends siblings,…who gets that heart?

Or maybe…just maybe…that whole heart is enough for all we care about.  Is it enough?  Do we have enough?  Or maybe we hold back and don t give enough…when someone we care about that is outside of our circles that needs our heart…do we share?…do we give in a compassionate way or do we question that if we give now…I won t have enough later…the heart…your heart..has enough.

It has the capacity beyond our own imagination for giving…it is in our nature to feel our “humaness” is …to give to love…when we are asked of it, be it at a time where we ourselves feel we cannot give, there is always another that needs our compassion more.

This is the true nature of love.  It is in all of us to give, nurture and love.  Denying that either to ourselves or to others is simply denying life itself…for if we don t have love…love to our selves, our children, our earth…what do we truly have?