Facial Cupping And Gua Sha

Facial Cupping, Gua Sha and Jade Rolling

Are you wanting to experience cupping and gua sha without the needles? This is an excellent
choice for you.

These treatments are combined when I provide a facial acupuncture service, but also an
excellent therapy all its own.

For a whole body relaxation we can include four acupuncture body points to put your body into
rest and digest, and restore your nervous system. Here s what the rest of your treatment will
consist of.

Facial Cupping Gua Sha Jade Or Rose Quartz

Designed to bring qi and blood circulation to the skin and muscles. Cupping is effective to
stimulate blood to the tissues. This process activates fibroblast cells which produce natural
collagen and elastin.

There are a variety of benefits including relaxing tight facial muscles which smooths fine lines.
The process activates stagnant lymph fluid s and toxins, removing puffiness from the face.
The face appears tighter and toned!

After the cupping and gua sha , the face is now prepared for a 20 min celluma led light therapy
where fibroblasts are activated and the anti aging process continues under this healing light.
When completed an active hydration serum which will hydrate your skin by up to 200%
instantly giving you a glowing complexion. Your cooled jade or rose quartz roller will then be
applied over your face and neck to distribute the product. Your treatment will be completed
with a facial moisturizer with sunscreen, or a night creme if in the evening.

Areas treated are the neck, under chin, jaw, mid face eye area and forehead.
Are there contraindications?

As with facial acupuncture we apply many of the same precautions, including
pregnancy, conjunctivitis, open sores on face or infection, people prone to blood clots, elective
treatments on face such as botox chemical or surgical treatments (8-10 weeks is

Treatment Frequency Suggestions

  • Series of 8-10 treatments
  • Can be 2-7 days between
  • Maintenance 1-2x per month

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In Sunny South Surrey/White Rock.