University Care Packages For Your Student Moving Away From Home.

It s just around the corner your first year University student will be on their way.  The first year is very stressful for the students especially if they are leaving home.  Not only do they need to navigate around a new facility but also a new city, adapting to living dorm life, and having to do everything on their own.  Most students  underestimate  the level of responsibility that comes with moving away.  The anticipation and excitement can mask that reality. Until it sets in….they come to their first exams, they start getting sick, feeling stressed, having digestive issues and massive skin breakouts.  Trust me this isn’t my first rodeo! What happens next is YOU get the call.  The one that everything is a bit overwhelming, that they are sick and homesick (sometimes) that they can t sleep….and it goes on.  If you are a mom like me you begin to feel helpless  you get those little tugs at your heart. Your momma instinct goes into high gear and and you wish you were there to take care of them. As a Chinese Medical Practitioner I know that when there is high stress there will be some form of illness.  In Chinese Medicine we treat disease before it arises, by boosting the immune system to help alleviate the toxic overload created by stress.  I ve created  a University Health Care/Skincare package for you to give to your child before they leave.  Don t forget to check the Bundle package discounts at the end of this newsletter!

1) Vitamin C with Flavonoids

Key antioxidant to protect the body from free radicals.

Supports the immune system

Helps with the absorption of iron.

Flavonoids help the Vitamin C be absorbed and utilized in the body

Vitamin C helps reduce both the physical and psychological effects of stress on people.

2)Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Vitamin B complex helps prevent infections and helps support or promote immunity

B-complex vitamins are often used to reduce fatigue and boost mood.

Some studies suggest that B-complex vitamins can lift your spirits and improve your cognitive performance.

May Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety or Depression

One study found that supplementing patients with a vitamin containing B12, B6 and folic acid led to a more enhanced and sustained antidepressant response over one year, compared to a placebo Note that low blood levels of certain B vitamins, including B12, B6 and folate, have been linked to an increased risk of depression, which is why it’s important to rule out nutrient deficiencies if you are experiencing symptoms of depression


B-complex supplements may relieve stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, even in people without B vitamin deficiencies.


This paediatric formula (adults use it too) can be used both preventively or while you have the symptoms.  Its goal is to quickly eliminate the pathogens that cause infection.  Take at first signs of  sore throat and sniffles .  Its great for inflammatory symptoms such as



Sore throat



Early signs of cold/flu




This is a combination of Chinese herbs, and has virtually no contraindications..directions are on the bottle of how to administer.

4)Tummy tamer:

Another awesome paediatric  formula that our family uses all the time

Good for regulating the functions of the digestive system wether its from emotional upset eating unhygienic foods, it helps with..



Naseau/belly aches

Food poisoning

Food allergies


Again no contraindications making it extremely safe to use without any harsh pharmaceutical ingredients


This is an adaptogen formula to be taken during times of increased stress levels.  I usually recommend this to my female patients who have deadlines to meet, who have kids that have several activities in June, and September, and December.

Anytime you travel and change time zones or altitudes.  Some take it year round.  The only time not to take is if you feel the onset of an illness or cold.

Exam time, begin 1 week before or during studying.

it consists of…

Holy basil:      reduces anxiety and helps focus

Rhodiola:    increases work capacity both mentally and physically, can boost brain function,                                      while also reducing  mental fatigue

Ashwagandha:   first class tonic herb to improve overall health, enhance mental function and prevent disease.  Will nurture the nervous system to counteract anxiety and stress to promote a sense of calmness.

Eleuthero:    Improves physical and mental work performance under stressful conditions.

Oats:    helps with debility from overwork, anxiety and worry.

Schisandra:  Improves athletic performance, reduces fatigue, improves the function of respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Summary:  it helps to reduce the detrimental effects that stress has on the body, to improve immunity.


You know your student will be stressed but their skin does not have to look like it!

This Intensive Sulfur clay face mask reduces excess oil and unclogs pores in just 10 mins.  Plus it helps treat existing acne and prevent new breakouts from forming ,the tea tree oil helps purify and refresh skin. while reducing visible redness and blotchiness associate with breakouts. Clinical study shows that 100% of users instantly experienced a reduction in excess oil after just 4 uses, and 94% experienced fewer blemishes.               

7) Soothe rescue mask.

This glycerin and calamine infused mask helps calm skin and neutralize irritant to help visibly improve stressed skin.   Excellent for sensitive and irritated skin that’s accompanied with blotchiness and redness. 100% of participants noticed a reduction of blotchiness and redness after 4 uses.

These two beauties can be mixed and masked.  They work wonderfully together, and complement one another



                                 OTHER SKINCARE RECOMMENDATIONS:





An excellent 2 product pack that is brand new and is designed especially for hormonal acne in teens and young adults. It contains BP02 technology that delivers oxygen an benzoyl peroxide to the skin to get deeper into the pores and kill acne bacteria.

Those using the spotless regime may also like to purchase a soothe moisturizer to help combat any dryness, and or a soothe mask.

Soothe Regime

Perfect for those with sensitive skin that have a compromised skin barrier.  If you have a student who will be experiencing colder weather you will want to have this on hand.  It helps reduce the visible signs of sensitivity, by fortifying the skins natural moisture barrier. It reduces and neutralizes irritants on the skin caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

Those with the Soothe regime that also breakout, may like to include a spotless face wash,  and/or an unblemish mask.


Essentials facial wipes.

These non drying, moisturizing facial wipes are perfect for dorm life, or any time you need a fresh wipe.

Radiant Defence

This derma cosmetic is meant to protect and perfect your skin.  It is non comedogenic and non acnegenic meaning it will NOT CLOG PORES OR CAUSE BREAKOUTS.  If you are getting all the right products in skincare don t make the mistake of purchasing a  foundation that will clog your pores.  This beautiful product comes in 6 different shades and always leaves your skin glowing.  This beauty is a dorm life must, to help cover up any dark circles from late night studying.  Also has an spf 30.

Rodan and Fields is the perfect solution for your student going away. 

When they set up an account as a preferred customer they receive 10% off retail prices and free shipping over $90.00.    Preferred customers have a one time fee of 24.95 to set you up, You will never receive shipments of products that you do not personally order. I handle all accounts so you never receive a replenishment order AND for your student special until July 30th I m offering TO PAY THE   $24.95 SO YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY ENJOY THE PREFERRED CUSTOMER BENEFITS!

We are the number one company treating Acne, anti aging in North America which is pretty exciting.  All the products are 100% guaranteed with a 60 day money back return, even if the jars are empty.

                                        Bundles and Packages

I NEED IT ALL FROM 1-7    Best Savings

When you purchase the Vitamin package along with the 2 masks you will receive an additional 15 % off the products

I use high quality vitamins using Thorne or Genestra which I use in my clinic. 



You still receive the same $24.95 off enrolment so you can begin to receive an additional 10% off retail prices,  and 10% off the herbs! (Windbreaker, tummy tamer, strest)


Great you are already using the highest quality products, purchase a regime either the Soothe or Unblemish  and receive a FREE ESSENTIALS OF YOUR CHOICE, EITHER A LIP BALM OR EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.,BODY LOTION OR SUNSCREEN

These products need to be ordered and purchased by 30th of July in order to receive your bundles before your students depart.

Questions or concerns?  Please do not hesitate to call or email.

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